People today live very busy lifestyles with very little time left for personal pursuits. Hiring a cleaning service to take care of the household cleaning can be of great benefit.

There are plenty of reasons not to hire a housekeeper or maid, but there are many benefits to doing so. Despite the cost and the feeling that hiring a maid somehow appears to be an act of laziness, plenty of people hire housekeepers and are all the happier for doing so. It frees up time to do more productive things and spend valuable time with family.

House cleaning costs can be managed even on a tight budget, and when the time saved is weighed against the cost it is often worth every penny. Housekeepers can be hired on a regular basis to take care of all the household chores or occasionally when needed. The following reasons validate the value of hiring someone to clean house:

Full Time Workers

While working 9 to 5 is typical for many people commuters can usually add at least another hour or two to their day, making them extremely tired by the time they finally get to pull into their driveway. Having to cope with cleaning chores after a long day at work is the least attractive reason to want to get home. Depending upon how large a household it is a housekeeper who comes in daily may be the answer, allowing the homeowner to relax when they finally get home. For less busy households a maid or housekeeper can be hired a couple of times a month to do the extra cleaning chores or to give the house a thorough clean that will last until the next time a maid or housekeeper is needed.

Many people who hire a housekeeper feel the benefit of doing so is being able to get more done and to spend time with family. Without a housekeeper those precious after-work hours would be spent on household chores and family would be neglected, as well as not being able to get enough sleep to face the next day rested.

Busy Family Life

When household cleaning chores dominate leisure hours there is little energy left either for oneself or loved ones. After some time this takes a toll on relationships. Lack of time leads to lack of sleep which in turn affects health. Guilt over not being able to get everything done also adds unwanted stress.

When both parents work outside the home and are coming home tired tension can arise when one of the other is unwilling to help out with the chores. A housekeeper can prevent arguments between spouses and allow them to enjoy each other’s company in the evenings, as well as spend valuable time with children. For women and men alike coming home to a clean house is a wonderful feeling that promotes relaxation and enjoyment of the home and family.


When planning an event or family occasion there are enough things on the to-do list without having to deal with giving the home a thorough clean. Hiring someone to take care of the pre-event clean and the post-party clean up takes a lot of pressure of the hosts. When having company it is important to be able to relax and enjoy being with them, and not stressing over how many cleaning chores didn’t get finished. Pride in one’s home is important to many people, and cleanliness is a reflection of how happy they are to have people in their home.

Lacking in Cleaning Skills

Mothers try to teach their children how to clean up after themselves but often it can be an uphill battle, with children showing little to no interest in involving themselves in household chores. This leads to lack of cleaning knowledge when children are old enough to have their own homes. While anyone can turn on a vacuum cleaner and run it across the floor knowing which solution to use on what surface takes a little bit more knowledge and skill in order to not ruin furniture or carpets. Hiring a housekeeper a few times is one way to observe and learn the techniques necessary to undertake the tasks themselves in the future.

Distaste for Cleaning

Does anyone really like cleaning? While it may not be a task that many people can honestly say they enjoy it does need to be done. For whatever reason a person decides that they have no interest in cleaning it could be grounds for hiring a housekeeper, allowing them to pursue other interests. If budget allows a person can hire a housekeeper to come in once a week, or if not once a month to undertake a deep clean of the entire house, whichever suits best.